Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Faces, Masks and Mirrors, and One Big Vision (Featured on Love Infinitely)

This is a story about connection to identity as told by my dear friend David*, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. An incredible human being to say the least. This story has been featured on Love Infinitely, a project I support which aims to help create more effective activists by promoting and funding volunteerism on a global scale.

Check it out below. I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts in the comment box below (click 'no comment' to access) and am more than happy to share any questions and thoughts you would like to pass on to David.*

Have a think. What does identity mean to you? 

Tumaini (Hope) Sports Academy (Photo source: David*)

Faces, Masks and Mirrors, and One Big Vision                                                 

by Leah Davies

No box, label or category can sum up this stellar individual.
Not even this fable, but I will try.
Yes. He is a refugee with a remarkable story peppered with dire challenge, immeasurable triumph and shear resilience, but he is also many other things. A man. A son. A brother. A student. A change maker. A leader among his peers.
His experience does not define him. Limit him. Cage him.
He won’t allow it.
David* is a friend. His story is unlike mine and probably very different to yours.
What I find particularly beautiful about David is his integrity and how he courageously goes about his day to get one step closer to his unshakable vision. A lofty dreamer who deeply believes in creating peace from within a refugee camp.
He inspires others with his bigness, even if he doesn’t know it.
His story of bigness goes like this…

Tumaini (Hope) Sports Academy (Photo source: David*)