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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

+ Do you have a story to tell? A message to share? 

+ Do you need some help in platforming your message and getting your voice heard?

+ Are you seeking words that are polished, clear and authentic - and down right professional - which will drive the success of your program or product, encouraging your followers to come back for more?

+ Are you looking to create a communications strategy that is value-based, holistically considered and driven to connect?

+ Are you working to create a better world where equality, positivity and sustainability are no-brainers?

Well then, I want to work with you too.

I have a few degrees in Communications, International Studies and Social Development in my pocket (which can't hurt, right?), but more importantly, I'm all about connection. Connecting to the issue, the subject, the purpose, and using word smithery to leverage the message in a way that an audience - from all walks of life - can relate. 

And what sets me apart? I write for change. Real change. Paradigm shifts. Monumental leaps.

Skills in my suitcase

+ I am contracted by social entrepreneurs, online businesses, non-government organisations, community networks and initiatives, health groups and learning institutions to clarify their message, to research and educate in an engaging way, and to connect with the masses

+ I am a freelance writer for Renegade Collective; a magazine that brings together entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, designers, philanthropists, scientists, athletes, actors, bloggers and musicians 

+ I'm a guest blogger on several socially conscious online spaces. Check out Media for more info

+ I've worked with Oxfam International Youth Partnerships; a program of Oxfam International and Oxfam Australia, which supported more than 1500 young leaders globally working within their respective communities to create equitable and long-term change. I was responsible for communications across the program, including the editor of a monthly magazine called the Voice (received by more than 6,000 subscribers) as well as a grants program, online learning and development sessions and face-to-face workshops

+ I captured stories of youth's participation at the United Nations Sustainable Development Conference (Rio+20) in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, in June 2012 and supported young leaders to develop and implement their own communication strategies to meet their individual strategic agendas for participating in the conference

+ I raised the voice of youth at the World Social Forum in Tunisia during March 2013 by articulating their message and personal experiences through word, photography and video diaries, which was shared amongst the youth organisations, Oxfam affiliates and other stakeholders

+ I assisted the Centre for Refugee Research in Delhi, India, co-ordinate human rights workshops, counselling sessions and program management classes with a group of refugee Chin women from Burma

+ I was a journalist for the Cumberland Newspapers group, raising awareness and educating our 300,000 readers on social justice, humanitarian issues and community events

Let's collaborate. Let's connect. Let's cultivate change together. 

You can reach me at While you're at it, join the tribe of scribes on Facebook, Instagram (@paperplanesconnect and #paperplanesconnect) and Pinterest. Daily doses of inspiration, positivity, myth-breaking, thought probing, justice declaring, and of course, tale sharing.

Have a story idea? Want to be featured on Paper Planes Connect? Would you like to guest blog?

Share it with me. I love brainstorming and bouncing ideas. Send an email to Come knock on my door.

Hear from you soon!

Leah xxx

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