Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The adventure begins

Hello lovely people!

Guess what? I'm beaming radiance. Why you say? Because I boarded a big jet plane headed for London (well, with a sneaky two day stop over in Singapore just for the fun of it and oh, so much yummy food) and now I'm here! It's the start of a new journey; the next chapter; an adventure on stelroids. What is to come is pretty much an open slate, guided by a few dreams and wishes for the future, but mainly the plan is to have no plan.

My no plan however is driven by a desire to connect with people from all walks of life because to me, connection is everything! The conversations we have, the ideas we share and the laughs and smiles we exchange are a huge part of who we are. Connection can be with people (who may or may not share the same values and beliefs as you but are just down right interesting because of the story they have to tell), a place (you know when you go somewhere and it just feels sooo right that you could dream up a life there), to nature and all its glorious beauty, or a moment or experience. It's about making full contact with the here and now and being intrigued and curious, open to learning and grateful, just because you are fortunate to have had the opportunity. The connections we make ultimately enrich our lives and anything that can make life even more juicy and fulfilling, I'm into that. Yes please!

So for now, it's farewell Sydney and the Central Coast and helllllooooo Europe! And what a way to adios sunny Sydney than atop a mammoth of a bridge.

At the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The intention

I started this blog because I do like to dream and have moments of childish giddy excitement when I think I'm onto something, but often these 'aha' moments are put on the back-burner or scribbled in a notebook somewhere while I get on with the day-to-day. Well, there will be no more of that now. Here it is. A space to gather, capture and share what connection means through the power of the story. And lucky for me connection can mean many things, so bring on versatility.

Paper Planes is a place to merge the art of telling stories through the beautifully written word, which can sometimes be sophisticated, whimsical or just down right quirky and witty; through crafty, colourful and probably humorous photography and the personal diatribes of fascinating people captured via video to crank up the close and personal factor. And I may even try my hand at getting arty and crafty with a few creations of my own, or better yet, featuring those of artists I cross paths with.

Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world" and I try day by day to live up to this. It's hard sometimes though, and yeah, I sometimes fall short, but that's the point isn't it; to keep learning and growing. I hope to capture the stories of people who through the decisions they make and the way they choose to live their lives, are endeavoring to be the change they want to see in the world. So in saying that, Paper Planes will continue to evolve, just like everything else.

Gandhi's wise words - It starts with you

About the name

Paper Planes has multiple meanings and it is really up to your interpretation of it, but to me, it means dreaming big and freely, creating - or if you want to get specific to the whole paper plane thing, "folding" -  the life you want to live with your own two hands, and sending and sharing our stories and messages through connection with others.

So thanks for checking in and for having a read of my first post. Now, I don't want this to be all about me. I want it to be about you too, because hey, that's the point of connection isn't it? 

So share your thoughts in the comment box. I'd love to hear what connection means to you or maybe you have a recent experience or funny musing which just nails it on the head. Or maybe just drop a line to say howdy.

Dreaming, creation and above all, connection

Much love,

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