Monday, 2 June 2014

Life without limits (as featured on Renegade Collective)

Huge heart. Vision-setter. Transverses the impossible.

Meet Erin Gough. Leading disability rights advocate and lawyer-in-training from Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Photo by Laura McKinley
Her view on life will lift you and shake you, reminding you that we've got one chance at this life thing and we might as well do a damn good job at it! 

She is a change maker and her disability has been the antidote to indifference. In Erin's words, "Using a wheelchair is the most convenient way of getting around, just as walking is to most people – nothing more, nothing less. To me, my impairment is simply one of many characteristics that make me unique – just as everyone else has features that make them different from everyone else.”

She navigates the world sitting, but from her perspective, the view is vast and limitless. The obstacles act only to fuel her desire to radically demystify all that’s been misinformed, misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Her sense of humour, down-to-earth nature and infectious desire to make landmark change draws you in and raps you in hope.

Enter Erin's world and read her story, which was published in the May edition of Renegade Collective. PDF available for your viewing pleasure below :)

"Perhaps most of all, like every other person, I want to be respected in who I am and in the way I choose to live my life."

Photo by Jason Di-Candilo
Once again, I am rocked with gratitude to see the stories of Paper Planes Connect featured amongst the powerful pages of this magazine. All kudos to you Erin and the life you have created! Keep on pushing the limits :)

Question: What does a life without limits look like to you? Share your comments in the box below. Can't wait to hear your point-of-view!

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