Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dear Glastonbury

You are a curation king.

A place for togetherness and conversation; a place for friendship and celebration.

You are a inventive maverick.

Opening up space for 200,000 people from afar to enjoy your 364 hectare farm and experience what it means to have elated fun.

All photos by Jason Di-Candilo @billthebadger

You are a purpose-driven, belief affirming, passion jousting machine.

Raising the social consciousness of the world’s ills and troubles, attesting that another way is possible.

You are a diva; a devilish rock star.

Unleashing new, classic, mellow and alternative tunes from your stages and venues, entrancing people to dance like wildfire and to sing like no one is watching.

You are a magician. A clown. A trapeze-walking gymnast, all rolled into one.

Offering up a smorgasbord of entertainers, circus tricks and festival spectacles.

You are a harbinger of peace.

Uniting nations, races, religions, and sexualities, creating a new atlas of multi-coloured flags held high.

You are a chilled out hippy from the early 1960s.

Providing wellness and health opportunities for a humming heart and soul.

You are a weather deity.

Ensuring we have sun kissed skin and a trail of mud from our heads to our thighs.

But most of all, you are a magnificent wonderland.

A place where the young, the old and the in between come ritualistically every year to connect, to tell stories, to express feelings and to relish in what it means to be joyful.

Thank you for putting on an almighty show, setting you a part as the world’s most loved contemporary arts festival.

Thank you.

I'm sure you have been to a festival before. Maybe not as grand as Glastonbury, but I'm sure you have been part of a music/art/collective space before. I walked away from Glastonbury this year astounded by the talent of fellow human beings and the many ways we express ourselves, each unique to who we are. Tell me, what has been your experience and why do you think these spaces are important? (You know what to do in the comment box below)

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