Saturday, 18 October 2014

She's a lady

She's a lady, Paris.

She eclipses fiery sass with humbling softness.

Her arms stretch far and wide, holding closely all that she cherishes.

And the way she holds her body is done with such poise and grace, you are inspired by her eternal beauty.

All photos by Jason Di-Candilo @billthebadger

The seasons envelope her, showering her in shades of gold, red and orange.

As her trees lose their leaves, she evolves with the times.

Crystal clear nights with sheets of black set the back drop for her finest jewels to sparkle.

Her footing is solid and strong, marked by the Arc de Triumph; a historic emblem from Neapolitan's rule, continuously encircled by a swirl of people and traffic.

Her creative flare is symbolised by more than 60,000 square metres of artworks dating back to 1792 housed in the Lourve; a spectacle alluring more than 9.7 million visitors into her embrace every year.

Her imperfect wrinkles (that only a rare few would dare to highlight) can be seen by the Notre Dame cathedral that once upon a time, was to be demolished for its darkness. It was soon (and most thankfully) saved by the words of Victor Hugo who wrote the story of The Hunchback, witnessing the divine within her shadows.

She is faithful, this lady. Her sacred heart rests at the highest of places, represented by the Sacre Coeur basilica. Serene silence and moments of deep reflection take place here in her holy centre.

But probably the most striking is the Eiffel Tower, showing off her elongated torso and striking features, setting her apart from all the rest.

On the hour, every hour when the day turns to night, she sparkles and glitters.

She laughs and she smiles.

She's a lady, Paris.

Question: Do you think cities and places have personalities? Some more feminine, or masculine than others? Would love to hear your thoughts and stories. Will join you in the comment box below :)

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