Monday, 30 December 2013


New. What a beautiful, boundless, free word.

It rings of possibility, opportunity and change.

It leaves you feeling open, curious and electrified for the unknown.

It sends a surge of delirium down your spine and straight into the pit of your stomach.

It echoes hope.

There may be a splash of anticipation in there, laced with a dollop of angst too.

But there’s nothing to fear. Nothing to doubt.

May you marvel at all you have achieved in the last 12 months.

All the chances you said yes to.

All the amazing people that graced you with their presence and their wisdom.

All the places your eyes have seen, your nose has smelt, your heart has felt.

All the uncomfortable moments you pursued and rose far beyond.

All the experiences that enriched your life for the better.

All the smiles, big belly laughs and cuddles that comforted you.

All the dreams and glorious ideas YOU made come true.

I hope you have had a year imbued with greatness.

And with a subtle nod in the right direction, I wish you the happiest of new years.

May you steer away from rigidity and embrace wonder.

May you choose depth over distance.

May you realize that lessons are legends.

May you embrace difference.

May you always, always, always play, be silly and giddy.

May you debut you in the new year.

What are you going to create in 2014? What are you going to make happen? Proclaim it loud and clear here! (Click on 'No comment' and share in the box below)

There are big plans brewing for Paper Planes in the new year. You can expect hear from a collector of antiques who reveals our fascination with the old. A photographer whose eye captures life through a different lens. A young woman who is carving the way to peace in Burma. A street artist who is making his mark in East London, and the world for that matter. And so, so, so much more!

Thank you for coming here, for seeing the value in storytelling and for connecting. Thank you for your support, your ideas, and your feedback.

Here’s to a miraculous 2014! xx


  1. You are truly a magnificent writer! I rarely am in awe!Wow... and Mashallah!

    -Habiba Ali


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