Sunday, 26 January 2014

Right Feeling

I had the absolute pleasure of writing and presenting a reading at my gorgeous friends' wedding on the weekend.

The words - the essence - were inspired by their love for one another, but also something that lies even deeper. That sense of knowing that eludes us and drives us. Some call it intuition, others name it a soul mate connection.

I call it the Right Feeling, and this is how it goes….

Difference creates sameness 

There’s no blueprint or rule book on how to do this.

No secret formula, magic spell or universal recipe which instructs a pinch of this and a dash of that to make this work.

No parable of loved-up words that nail it on the head and entice me to make an exact replica of that.

What I do know though is that since, well forever, people have come together. People have seeked out another who makes them happy and have been compelled to spend more time in their company, just because it feels right.

That right feeling becomes what we know; what we understand.

That right feeling is what makes sense when everything else is non-sense.

That right feeling is the untethered knowledge which cuts through what’s perfect and imperfect, and just is what it is.

That right feeling, well, feels right. There’s no other way to put it.

All kinds of creatives have tried to express what this right feeling looks like, smells like, sounds like through all different kinds of hues, rhyme and melody.

All illustrations of their right feeling.

But our right feeling is not like theirs, and not like yours.

Our right feeling is ours and ours alone.

We live, love and laugh through our right feeling.

We do it our way and we do it together because it feels right.

This right feeling is called LOVE.

One big happy family
Can you relate? What does your 'right feeling' look like, smell like, feel like? It can be of the romantic kind or maybe your 'right feeling' sparks thoughts of a person who just makes you smile or a place that is always a guaranteed good place to go. 

I'm a big believer in love. Love of all kinds. Love is why we are here. Love is all there is and it exists in every connection we make. Go on, share the love in the comment box below (Click on 'no comment' if the box doesn't appear… it's a bit silly sometimes)!

NEXT... you'll hear from a woman who is best described as cool. She is a lady of the arts; a muso, a designer, an ideas person, a vintage collector and seller. But what she does best is transcend the concept of time. She sees value in all treasures; the old, tattered, and mis-used. She sees the divine in the ordinary and welcomes others to do the same. Stay tuned friends and much love to you :)

You ground and I dream

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